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Champaign Brass - Special Music for Special Occasions

Wedding Planning Tips

1. Start Early! It's not unusual for wedding musicians to be booked 6-12 months before a wedding, especially during busy summer months.

2. Consult with the pastor, minister or priest to clarify what types of musical selections would be appropriate for your service. Often a list of such selections is available from the church.

3. Consider using a short selection during an interlude or unity candle ceremony. A longer selection can sometimes interrupt the overall flow of the service.

4. Only print the titles and composers for the processional, recessional and any music featured during the service. This allows flexibility before and after the service to use extra music if the service doesn't begin on time or if ushering guests takes longer than expected.

5. If you are not planning to use musicians supplied by the church (such as the organist), find out what the church's policy is for this situation. Sometimes church musicians are compensated even when outside musicians are brought in. Champaign Brass is quite flexible in working with other musicians according to your particular needs.

6. Make sure you understand the requirements and limitations of the instruments to be used. For instance, it is usually desirable to use acoustic instruments (no electricity required) for outdoor weddings, but be aware that heat and humidity can adversely affect stringed instruments. This problem is much less apparent with brass instruments.
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